Messy thoughts: Epistemology v Personal Epistemology. & Epistemological Ethics

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This post is messy. It may be hard to follow. It certainly isn’t polished. I’m working through my thoughts and publishing it in the raw, formative state it emerged in. — I’ve talked a bit about epistemology before, in Ontology and Epistemology of Post Truth, Addressing the Epistemology of Post-Truth, and Annotation & Personal Epistemology. It’s a subject that intrigues

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This is a long post I wrote while trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. I took a reflection on my education and career journey. It’s not all that well written, and there is a lot that is going unsaid, but I wanted to share… because writing helps.

[De]Colonizing Grades and Learning Objectives

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Ashleigh Greene Wade (@scholarLEIGH1) spent time with us today in the Critical Instructional Design track discussing decolonizing rigor. It was a beautiful conversation, and more than a few pieces stuck out to me. In particular this series of tweets captured fleeting moments that I feel need to be explored further…maybe even tangentially. I’m not quite sure of the impact of

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Anxiety, Depression, Debilitation and DigPed

Britni/ August 9, 2017/ DigPed CritID/ 1 comments

This is a new sort of post for this blog, one that I debated posting. It started with a note that I jotted down in my anxiety journal: I’m feeling anxious “that I’m not going to get anything out of this experience because my brain isn’t working enough to put things together”. Now my first though reflecting on this is

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How to Make Toast

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Reflection: Today we were asked to diagram–using no words–how to make toast. That’s it, the entire prompt: How to make toast. We did this activity in small groups, then came together as the whole to share our diagrams. And in listening to the other groups share their considerations and decisions in developing a diagram on how to make toast, I

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Critical Instructional Design

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This week I’m at Digital Pedagogy Labs Summer Institute, immersing myself in the world of critical instructional design & critical pedagogy. That is, immersing myself in challenging what it means to be an instructional designer. Thinking critically of my work and the work of others in my field. Criticizing and critiquing. Pushing back on blindly accepting what instructional design is,

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Expected Surveillance

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Last week I traveled to the West Coast for the first time; I took a short trip to San Diego, California. And number one on my San Diego to-do list was visit the zoo. While we were there, something struck me as odd. There were no metal detectors. No one inspected the bags (bags the zoo even encouraged you to

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Narratives OF Science

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Parallel to the narratives we create in doing science, we must be cognizant of the narrative of science. The narratives that shape science as an institution and culture, as a pillar of our society. Because after hearing “science” and thinking of experiments and hypotheses and the scientific method you probably think of facts, rules, and other abstractions that someone out

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Science and the Humanities

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Science, per Google, is defined as “the study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.” And I would wager that some form of this definition is the one most of you are familiar with, especially with worlds like “experiment”. Because when you think about science, you think about experiments, and hypotheses and

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Okay, tell me if I’m crazy… is anyone familiar with ? They have an Education section, and I’m wondering if something like instructional design work would be something people would pay to support. A monthly fee for maybe some graphic design, lesson plan and activity creation, Instructional design consulting based on a pay scale…Patreons can vote for what I

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