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And I Breathe

Britni/ January 29, 2017/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

I want to resist. To fight. The world around me seems to be erupting in flames. Burning. Burning with hatred and fear. Burning with passion and resilience. Burning. Every day I watch the fire touch every aspect of my life, of humanity. And deep within me I feel the fire catch. A passion for humanity; a visceral need for humanity. 

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Digital Alchemy

Britni/ January 18, 2017/ Networked Narratives/ 0 comments

Digital Alchemy. What is it? What importance does it serve in our lives? Why is it the focus of Networked Narratives? What are we doing over here? I’m jumping in to find out. To make it up. Here’s my definition. Digital Alchemy: transforming words into truths using the power of digital spaces, leveraging connections among people and narratives. Taking the

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Annotation & Personal Epistemology

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Annotation, particularly open web-based annotation–as afforded by platforms like–has been discussed by Jeremy Dean and Remi Kalir to serve as a source of conversation, and interruption. But there is more to annotation than just conversation and interruption. When talking about the politics of open annotation, Jeremy Dean said: The idea is there are all these official voices on the

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