I’m an Instructional Design Education Specialist, with degrees from Virginia Tech.
My bachelor’s and master’s degrees are in Animal and Poultry Sciences, with an emphasis on Reproductive Physiology.

I’ve always loved helping others, and switched to Instructional Design and Technology after I could no longer physically keep up with my love of microscopes and livestock thanks to chronic illness. At the time I was incredibly aware of the disconnect between what those involved in the animal production industry do and what the public perceives those involved in the animal production industry do. I attributed this to an information gap between the two groups, and desperately wanted to address it.

Becoming a student in the humanities changed my world.
A class in Educational Psychology for Instructional Designers introduced me to the concept of Personal Epistemology, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I am still concerned about the information gap between the public, practitioners, and researchers. I am more concerned about the way we approach knowledge and knowing.
Content only goes so far; the way we interact with that content, especially in this digital age, makes all the difference.

My goal as an instructional designer, and a participant in the world, is to give power to the learners: To shift personal epistemology to shift motivations, in order to create empowered learners.