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This week I’m at Digital Pedagogy Labs Summer Institute, immersing myself in the world of critical instructional design & critical pedagogy.

That is, immersing myself in challenging what it means to be an instructional designer. Thinking critically of my work and the work of others in my field. Criticizing and critiquing. Pushing back on blindly accepting what instructional design is, and could be.

Critical meaning not becoming complacent. Always questioning. Always reflecting.

As part of my work this week I will be answering a call to action, developing a plan to inject more criticality into my work. To take what I learn this week with me to where ever it is I end up, whichever education environment(s) I find myself working in in the future. A plan for how I will inject critical instructional design not only into my work at Virginia Career VIEW, but into my personal pedagogical beliefs.

I plan to document that process here under the DigPed CritID category. Feel free to come along for the ride.

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