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Huge Blinders
Parallel to the narratives we create in doing science, we must be cognizant of the narrative of science. The narratives that shape science as an institution and culture, as a pillar of our society.

Because after hearing “science” and thinking of experiments and hypotheses and the scientific method you probably think of facts, rules, and other abstractions that someone out there made up and declared to be true. You think of inventors, and computers, technology, and engineers.

And all mixed up in those thoughts is money and power.

Because that is what the narrative of science feeds us. You need STEM to get ahead. You need STEM to have a good career. You need STEM to have a good life. You need STEM. You need STEM. You need STEM…

From this “need” builds a hubris. A confidence among those involved in STEM and those outside of STEM looking in, that blinds.

It blinds scientists to the fact that they are creating and propagating stories—brief glimpses into their lives through interpretations, estimations, and well-crafted narratives hidden under names like “introduction,” “results” and “conclusions.” It blinds the moneymakers and policymakers and all those looking in to the humanity of those working in STEM fields. To the very human endeavor that is science.

And with this we breed distrust. Distrust in science: which has been put on some pedestal like a divine word that is either entirely right, or wrong. Which has become a belief system instead of an epistemological quest, a journey in crafting understanding and building (and rebuilding!) knowledge.

How do we move away from this? How do we rip off the blinders and humble ourselves, and the future participants in the industry that is STEM?

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